We prepare accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies ranging from the very small single person business to the very large multi-million pound enterprise.No matter the size of the concern we value each client equally. When we present thye accounts to the client we explain the significant features in an easy to understand manner and answer, in a similar way, any questions raised by the client. Our aim is to put into plain words the important aspect of the accounts and not to bambooozle with accounting jargon. We encourage our clients to improve their record keeping year on year by providing simple to follow accounting spreadsheets and recommend the use of user friendly software. We also adopt a ''client care policy'' where we encourage good practice in the recording of income, the payment of wages, and the need to keep invoices and receipts to satisfy HMRC requirements. In short we take the slogan''tax doesn't have to be taxing'' seriously.  

Tax Enquiry

Tax enquiries are a necessary feature of being in business. These enquiries can be targeted by HMRC or selected at random. Whatever the reason an investigation generally causes panic amongst even the calmest of business owners. The key to responding to such enquiries is to be prepared as much as possible and to engage a tax expert, such as ourselves, to assist you in the process of providing co-operation and answers to a given situation. Of course the best way to avoid an enquiry is adherence to the constantly changing and evermore complicated compliance regulations and this is where we can provide appropriate support  to the client. The cost of a tax enquiry can be an onerous one and for all clients we can arrange appropriate insurance to cover all such costs.

Other Services

Our ''one stop shop'' policy means that we undertake many tasks outwith bookkeeping and preparation of accounts. For example we undertake appeals against tax credit decisions; represent individuals and clients at Employment Tribunals, HMRC Tribunals, and Tax Credit Tribunals; provide immigrations services including visa applications; prepare Business Plans for banking and loan purposes; undertake Capital Gains Tax calculations and returns; prepare Property and Rental Accounts; attend Insolvency Meetings; Liase with Local Authorities in respect of Benefit Claims; and, not least, provide Tax Planning services. The refrain ''I did not know accountants did that '' is a frequent and welcome axiom at Gow and Partners Ltd.

Bankruptcy and Financial problems

Our aim is to provide solutions to individuals and firms who find themselves in financial difficulties. We are very experienced in this field and we take the strain immediately from you and guide you through the many pitfalls of finding yourself, or your company, with cash flow problems.

Individuals:  Bankruptcy is no longer a shameful experience and with the modern stresses associated with business it is a fairly common event especially in the early years.  It is now not necessary to attend a court and it is no longer publicised in the local press. Dependent upon the value of the individuals assets and continuing employment and/or the assistance of financial help from say family, it is possible to make a financial arranged with your creditors and we can assist in this process.

CompaniesWe are not qualified Insolvency Practitioners and this gives us an advantage in that whilst the Insolvency Practitioner always acts on behalf of the Creditors we are free to advise you from an independent point of view. As with individuals it may be possible to come to a financial arrangement with the company creditors. It may also be advisable to go into liquidation and we are able to recommend the right Insolvency Practitioner to suit your needs.


Construction Industry Scheme, IR35, Real Time Initiative, Auto Enrolment, Late Filling Penalties, The Pensions Regulator, National Living Wage are just some of the recent significant changes in employment law that the business community has had to endure in the increasing complex subject of Payroll. However with our confidential service we are able to take this worry and burden from employers at a reasonable charge and allow the client to get on with growing the business.

Disputes & Claims

Disputes in business come in many guises, be it with employees, suppliers, customers, partners, or shareholders to name but a few. We can help ‘’break the deadlock’’ by acting as a mediator to facilitate a resolution, by helping with court claims or by assisting in Tribunal claims. We maintain there is a solution to every problem.

Indeed in the past twelve months we have won many appeals against imposition of tax penalties; we have helped resolve arguments between company directors; we have helped with negotiations with solicitors in respect employment law and won compensation for our clients; we have represented clients in claims against both customers and suppliers and acted as litigation friend in court cases; and we have been successful  in overturning Tax Credit decisions.

Of course the secret of avoiding business disputes is to ensure agreements and contracts are made in writing at the commencement of any venture or project. This may take the form employment contracts; partnership, director, and shareholder agreements; lease and rental accords; detailed quotations; and schedules of proposed works. We can assist with all these dispute busters.

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